The decline of media, and why you won’t read this

scheduleNovember 6, 2016

If you’re in your teens or twenties you won’t read this. Your reaction will be “ew, a wall of text.” If you’re in your late twenties or thirties, you won’t read this. It goes against the socially “correct” position to have, even though what it asserts is factual. If you are in your late thirties to four times, you won’t read this because it doesn’t fit in your echo chamber. If you’re in your fifties or beyond, you won’t read this because you know better. But you don’t.

I sat and read an article from a media distribution outlet today. One of the big news companies posted an article about… well, it doesn’t really matter. Because this article, like most of the articles that you can find on-line, suffered from not having a human read it before it was posted. Words were missing from sentences. Incorrect homonyms were used. In general it was the usual, “slap it together and get it published.” Usage of English be damned, to hell with fact checking, get it out there.

CNN published an article by Michelle Lou and Brandon Giggs on April 2, 2019. The article talks about bridges in the United States. Just one of the MANY errors in the article:

Structurally deficient means that one of four key elements of the bridge is rated at 4, which is poor, or below.

Below what? Below standards? Anyone that speaks English natively would immediately detect that error. What this demonstrates is that CNN cares so little about its consumers, that it’s okay to skip the editing process, throw shit at you, and expect that this is acceptable.

Make no mistake, CNN is not the only organization that does not care. Not a day goes by that articles from ever news organization, written by “professionals,” has GLARING oversights in the quality of the work produced. It is NOT expected that professionals will be perfect. It IS expected that professionals will find their errors and correct them, BEFORE publication. Fox, MSNBC, Washington Post, it doesn’t matter. I can provide examples from any of these outlets.