Ultralight Backpacking and Bushcraft (pt.1)

scheduleJune 30, 2021

There are many forums that address Ultralight backpacking. A common concept you will find is reducing your pack weight to 10 pounds (4.54 kg) to achieve the moniker “ultralight.” Another is not bringing the kitchen sink. The idea is to take only what you need and will use. Many try to turn this into, “leave important stuff at home.” Only idiots do either of those things. Nowhere in UL backpacking is anyone ever told to leave a first aid kit at home, forget those prescribed pills, or not bring a map because it weighs too much. These are myths told by people to support their need to bring the Kindle, iPad, Android phone, radio, TV, and… kitchen sink. They love their sixty pound packs for a three-day hike.

Tomorrow…. The other side of the story.