BeatStep Pro MIDI Controlling the Gotharman’s SpazeDrum

scheduleJune 29, 2021

Connect the BeatStep Pro to a computer using a USB cable. Open Arturia’s MIDI Control Center. Make sure the BeatStepPro is selected under Device. On the left side under the Project Browser window, select Default under Factory Project. In the upper right-hand corner, select the Device Settings tab. Scroll down. At the bottom are the settings for the User Scale. Scroll up directly above that to Drum Map.

Select a custom Drum Map (click the dropdown). Once that is selected, set Pad #1 to 48. To the left of where it says Pad #1 MIDI channel there is a box with a number in it. Click in the box and change it to 48. Go down the column below the number 48 and set each pad to an incrementally higher number. Starting at 48 you should have all 16 pads correctly numbered when you get to 63.

Once this is set, select Export in the upper right-hand corner. Create a file named SpazeDrum. Now you permanently have a file with settings configured to use your BeatStep Pro with your Gotharman’s SpazeDrum.