Arturia BeatStep Pro, powered by the Gotharman’s SpazeDrum

scheduleJune 26, 2021

I MIDI connected my Arturia BeatStep Pro to my Gotharman’s SpazeDrum. I am powering the BeatStep from the USB port of the SpazeDrum. As stated in the previous post, the analog audio out from the SpazeDrum connects to the first two channels on the BlueBox. Select the Drum channel on the BeatStep (the purple channel) by pressing the button labeled DRUM in the bottom-left corner (approximately). Then press and hold the CHAN button on the BeatStep. The purple LED in the sequencer row lights up number 10. Hit the EDIT button on the SpazeDrum and select SETUP (by tapping on it on the screen). Select COMMON in the next screen and the SpazeDrum displays Chan 1. Adjust it to Chan 10 (to match the BeatStep Pro) by rotating the knob labeled Edit2. Exit back to the main screen.

The G#, A#, OCT-, and OCT+ pads activate the first four buttons (DrumOsc, Filter, EFX, VCA) of the sequencer on the SpazeDrum. No other pads seem to activate anything yet. This is a step in the right direction. Looking at the settings for those four pads in the Arturia MIDI Control Center will provide answers for what needs to change. The expected action is that the top four left pads of the Arturia BeatStep Pro activate the first four buttons of the SpazeDrum sequencer.

BeatStep Pro powered by SpazeDrum USB port and connected using MIDI cables